Remove “Storefront designed by WooThemes” on Woocommerce Storefront Theme

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Woocommerce offers a well designed free template for everyone called, the Storefront. By adding the CSS codes below, you can remove the credits, “Storefront designed by WooThemes” without editing or deleting a line of the core programmings. So instead of deleting anything, you are just hiding the text actually. So it’s a risk free, easy and fast!

Remove “Storefront designed by WooThemes” Credits

Place the CSS line on the WordPress backend where CSS is located:
(Go to the Backend page -> Appearance -> Editor)

footer .site-info { 
 display: none !important; 
footer .col-full:after { 
 content: "© YOUR COMPANY NAME";
 font-size: 15px;
 color: #777;
 line-height: 140%;
 text-align: center;
 display: block;
 margin: 20px auto;

Now you’ll see the line, “Storefront designed by WooThemes” is gone. Feel free to edit the font-size and color of your own.

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