PSD Hatched Slash Diagonal Pattern

Download PSD: Photoshop Hatched Slash Diagonal Pattern

Hatched/slash pattern makes slick feel to your art work. Here’s an easy way of doing it in Photoshop.

  1. Create a “New” canvas (go to “File” -> “New”). Set 6 pixels on both “Width” and “Height”.
  2. Open “Layer” palette (go to “Window” -> “Layer”). Delete existing background layer so it’s now “Transparency”.
  3. Blow the view all the way up to 3200% by select Magnifying Glass Icon from the “Tools”. Draw a line diagonally with “Pencil” tool (Like below).

Dotted Line

Feel free to customize yourself with making different colors, directions, and even different sizes like 3 x 3 pixel or 2 x 2 pixel. You can also download PSD here:

Download PSD


  1. Lets continue with what we have, or simply open the PSD above.
  2. Go to “Edit” -> “Define Pattern” to and name your pattern as you like. Now, we are done with defining the pattern. Let’s apply the pattern to the image.
  3. Place a background less image by “File” -> “Place” and select your image. I’ve placed a chocolate donut png image.

Background Less Donut Image

  1. Create a new layer (green arrow on right), fill a color as you like (I chose WHITE), and drag to place the layer below the “donut” layer.

Layer Style

  1. Let’s add a layer style to the background layer (Mine is “white bg”) by click on the “fx” button (the yellow arrow) shown above. Then, on the “Layer Style” window, click “Pattern” button (the red arrow) and choose your Hatched / Slash / Diagonal Pattern you made.


Final Hatched Donut Image

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