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Migrating Joomla to WordPress

Here’s the a way to migrate Joomla users to WordPress users. I’ve used Joomla for some years and I still thinking it’s a great Content Management System. But however, I’m so much liking using WordPress for my site building I definitely needed to bring users from Joomla to WordPress. If you have hundreds of articles and migrating one from another it’s pain but still possible and manually doable, but when migrating users data, it just can’t.

I’ve tried to follow other tutorials, but for some reason it didn’t work out for me. So I’ve done some other testings and finally it worked out! Now, let me introduce to how to migrate Joomla users to WordPress users. The versions I’ve used is Joomla 1.5 to WordPress 3. Here’s how as simple as:

1. On your Joomla site, export users to a CSV file.

To export Joomla users data, use ‘ARRA User Export Import’ plugin.

  • Install plugin and go to the plugin page (Admin – Components – ARRA User Export Import)
    Joomla Components
  • Click on ‘User Export’, mark the following check boxes, and “Export”!
    ARRA User Export Import
  • You’ll get a “CSV” file.

2. Tweak the CSV file before import to your WordPress site.

  • You can open the file with Dreamweaver, Microsoft Excel, or one of the text editors you already have.
  • Just need to change very top row.
    Modify from Text EditorEdit text as the following table (Top to Bottom) and save.

    first name last name username email password usertype
    first_name last_name user_login user_email joomlapass role

    *Sometimes Microsoft Excel won’t save it right. I recommend Dreamweaver.

3. Import the CSV file to your WordPress site.

  • To install plugin, on your wordpress site, go to Admin – Plugins – Add new.
    Wordpress Plugin
  • Search for ‘Import Users from CSV’,
    Import Users from CSV
    ‘Install Now’, and ‘Activate Plugin’.
    Activate Plugin
  • Go to ‘Users’ – ‘Import from CSV’
    Import From CSV
  • Drag your updated ‘.CSV’ file to the ‘Choose File’ filed, “Import”!
    Import users from a CSV file
  • Check your ‘Users’ – ‘All Users” page to see everything looks right!
    Check Users page

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